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in India

ZO Games is the leading publisher and distributor of games in India, the publishing arm of WinZO РIndia’s largest gaming and esports company.

We are focused on building an enthusiastic community of gamers and gaming influencers in India. With ZO Games, we deliver a culturally relevant and enjoyable experience to the Indian gaming community.

We partner with indie developers & gaming studios and publish their games in India. We have partnered with 500+ global studios and indie developers while delivering 100x more returns from ad-based and In-app purchases (IAP) based revenues across distribution platforms.

Key Numbers







ZO Games has raised more than $100MM from marquee gaming investors. We attracted most of these investors for the first time to invest in India through their investment in our parent company, WinZO. Steve Pagliuca, Co-Chair, Bain Capital and owner of the NBA team Boston Celtics also made his first investment in India through us. So those who understand gaming, love what we are doing!


WinZO is the largest social gaming and eSports company in India, catering to over 100 Million users with a portfolio of over 100 games across 8 proprietary formats. With cultural relevance at the heart of it, WinZO is offered in 12 languages that have unlocked the “mobile-first, vernacular”, tier II to Tier V audience of India.

It is a micro-transaction powered vernacular social entertainment platform, which has more than 90% paying users clocking more than 5 billion micro-transactions every month. WinZO works with leading players across the industry like Voodoo, and Gameloft, among others, and drives their distribution & monetization in the Indian market.